Elevate Your Reach with Timeless Appeal

Our approach to print advertising is both meticulous and creative, tailored to highlight the unique qualities of your work. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and market trends, ensuring your ads reach the right people at the right time. Our in-house design team crafts visually stunning ads that not only catch the eye but also convey the essence of your book. Leveraging our extensive network, we secure premium placements in                               renowned literary magazines, journals, and relevant publications, maximizing visibility and impact.

Choosing print advertising with Inktrail Press offers enhanced credibility, targeted reach, and prolonged exposure. Print media is often perceived as more trustworthy, lending an air of credibility to your work. Strategic ad placements ensure your book reaches readers most likely to be interested in your genre and subject matter, while the longer shelf life of print ads provides ongoing exposure. At Inktrail Press, we are dedicated to helping our authors succeed by providing comprehensive support and delivering print advertising that exceeds expectations, driving both awareness                                                                                 and sales of your book.


Reader’s Digest

When it comes to trusted names in publishing, Reader’s Digest stands as a beacon of excellence. As the best-selling consumer magazine in the United States, it has cemented its place as a household name, both in print and online. Imagine marketing your book to its staggering 18 million readers and subscribers worldwide. We are thrilled to offer you this incredible opportunity.

Why Choose Reader’s Digest?

Our Reader’s Digest Print Ad package offers unparalleled exposure for your book:

  • Featured Magazine Issue: Your book will be prominently showcased in a Reader’s Digest magazine issue, complete with a striking cover image and a compelling description to captivate readers.
  • Print Advertisement: Gain maximum visibility with a captivating print advertisement within the pages of Reader’s Digest, reaching millions of enthusiastic readers.
  • Keepsake Magazine Copy: Receive a complimentary copy of the magazine issue featuring your book, a perfect keepsake to share with your audience and mark this milestone.
  • Press Release Campaign: Benefit from a comprehensive press release campaign, with articles featured in both print and online platforms, extending the reach of your book’s story.
  • Website and Social Media Campaign: Your book will also be highlighted on Reader’s Digest’s website and social media platforms, expanding its exposure to a diverse and engaged audience.


Publishers Weekly

In the ever-evolving world of publishing, one name stands out among publishers, librarians, literary agents, and readers alike—Publishers Weekly. This esteemed publication has been a cornerstone of the literary community for years, bridging the gap between industry professionals and readers by showcasing the latest literary masterpieces. Now, you can seize the opportunity to present your book to this influential audience with our Publishers Weekly Print Ad. At Inktrail Press, we’re here to help you leave a lasting impression in the world of publishing.


Why Choose a Publishers Weekly Print Ad?

Our Publishers Weekly Print Ad provides a unique platform to gain unparalleled recognition and exposure in the publishing industry:

  • Prime Print Advertisement: Your book will feature prominently in Publishers Weekly’s print edition, capturing the attention of publishers, librarians, literary agents, and devoted readers.
  • Exclusive Listing: Ensure your book is easily discoverable with a dedicated listing in Publishers Weekly, a trusted resource for industry professionals and readers.
  • Comprehensive Press Release Campaign: Amplify your book’s reach with a robust press release campaign, including coverage in both print and online platforms.
  • TV and Radio Publicity: Increase your book’s visibility by having your press release submitted to major TV and radio outlets, providing additional opportunities for publicity.



Promotional Materials

In the literary world, your brand is your signature. It’s what distinguishes you and creates lasting memories for your readers. At InkTrail Press, we specialize in crafting exceptional promotional materials that boost your brand with elegance and confidence. Whether you need business cards, bookmarks, or a personalized author’s pen, our designs are tailored to make your brand shine.


Why Choose Our Promotional Materials?

Our comprehensive Promotional Materials package provides everything you need to amplify your brand and engage with your audience effectively:

  • Professional Business Cards: Receive 100 meticulously designed and printed business cards, each measuring 3.5″ x 2″. Perfect for networking and leaving a remarkable impression.
  • Beautiful Bookmarks: Enjoy 50 stunning bookmarks, each 2″ x 6″. These bookmarks not only save your readers’ place but also serve as a constant reminder of your work.
  • Customized Author’s Pen: Get two bespoke author’s pens, complete with free layout and design service. These pens are practical and a testament to your unique brand.
  • Complimentary Shipping: We prioritize convenience with free shipping directly to your doorstep, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Quick Turnaround: Your promotional materials will be ready within 10 to 15 business days after design approval, so you can start showcasing your brand promptly.



New York Times

When it comes to literary reviews, one name stands above the rest—The New York Times. As the pinnacle of credibility in the literary world, The New York Times Sunday Book Review sets the gold standard for literary critique. Imagine marketing your book through this esteemed platform, reaching millions of subscribers worldwide, both online and in print. We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to embark on the path to becoming the next New York Times Bestseller.


The New York Times Premium Ad Advantage:

Our New York Times Premium Ad package is your gateway to literary greatness:


  • Featured Magazine Issue: Your book will be prominently showcased in one issue of The New York Times Sunday Book Review, complete with your book cover and an engaging description to captivate readers.
  • Whole Page Advertisement: Enjoy a compelling full-page advertisement for your book within the Sunday Book Review, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves.
  • Magazine Issue Copy: Receive a personal copy of the magazine issue featuring your book, a keepsake to celebrate this milestone and share with your audience.
  • Press Release Campaign: Our comprehensive campaign includes articles in both print and online platforms, maximizing your book’s reach and visibility.
  • Website and Social Media Campaign: Your book will also be prominently featured on The New York Times’ website and social media channels, expanding its exposure to a global and engaged readership.