Internet-Based Marketing

At Inktrail Press, we have built a robust internet-based marketing strategy that is essential for any modern publishing house. Our tech-savvy team leverages multiple social media platforms, targeted digital ads, an optimized website and professional book trailers. Through strategic campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads, we develop engaged online communities around our authors. This encourages connections between readers as well as discovery of new books. Additional content on our blog and through email marketing helps extend reader engagement.

Data analysis allows us to refine our digital approach for maximum impact. Whether on social media, through ads or via our website – our internet-focused efforts reflect our dedication to meeting today’s readers on their own terms, wherever they are online. At Inktrail Press, a multifaceted marketing plan that incorporates innovative digital strategies is how we extend the reach of books around the world. Contact us to

Web Design Development

In today’s digital age, having a personal website is more than just an option—it’s a vital tool that can elevate your presence and impact in the market. Whether you’re an author, a business owner, or a creative professional, your online platform serves as a 24/7 gateway for potential clients and readers. At InkTrail Press, we specialize in web design and development, making it easier than ever to bring your online vision to life.

Your Digital Journey Starts Here:

Have you always wanted a personal website but felt overwhelmed by where to begin? Let us guide you through the process. Our team of skilled web designers and experts is ready to transform your ideas into a captivating online space. With a high-powered domain, your website becomes a readily accessible showcase for your books and services, available to interested clients with just a simple click.

Our Website Creation package is designed to provide you with a seamless and impactful online presence:

  • Customized Website Design: Our expert developers will craft a website that reflects your unique identity and resonates with your target audience. Your online platform will be a true reflection of your brand.
  • Free Domain Registration: We offer free domain name registration, along with web and email hosting, valid for one year. This ensures your website has a strong online foundation.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We’ll boost your online visibility with Google Ads, offering up to 50 clicks to drive more traffic to your website. This means your website will be more discoverable to potential clients and readers.

Search Engine Optimization

In a digital world teeming with voices, ensuring your book stands out requires more than just luck. Welcome to the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where the right strategy can elevate your online presence and connect you with your ideal readers. Imagine a scenario where your audience finds your book effortlessly with a simple search. We’ve joined forces with Google’s search engine marketing to turn this vision into reality. Through strategic SEO and carefully selected keywords, your book can seamlessly reach its target audience and thrive in the market.

The SEO Advantage:

Our comprehensive Search Engine Optimization package equips you with an array of tools to boost your online visibility and connect with the right readers:

  • Online Presence via Google Ads: Enjoy enhanced online visibility for five months through targeted Google Ads campaigns, ensuring your book reaches a broader audience.
  • First Ad Placement: Benefit from prime ad placement in search engine results, utilizing keywords that perfectly align with your book’s content and target market.
  • Expert Consultation: Our team of in-house SEO specialists will collaborate with you to develop keywords that harmonize with your book’s theme and resonate with your audience.


Valuable Insights on SEO:

SEO is about more than just keywords; it’s about mastering how search engines operate and leveraging this knowledge to your advantage. Here are some essential insights into effective SEO:

  • Relevance is Key: Search engines strive to deliver the most relevant results to users. Selecting keywords that genuinely reflect your book’s content and target audience is crucial for success.
  • User Experience Matters: Beyond keywords, creating a user-friendly website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate significantly impacts your SEO performance.
  • Quality Content is King: Engaging, high-quality content not only attracts readers but also boosts your search engine rankings.
  • Evolving Algorithms: Search engines frequently update their algorithms. Staying informed about these changes is essential to maintain a strong online presence.

Email Advertising Campaign

In today’s digital landscape, connecting with your target audience is more crucial than ever. But how do you ensure your message rises above the noise? The answer lies in the power of Email Advertising Campaigns—a dynamic and direct way to engage with your audience. We offer a solution that combines precision and impact, delivering your message straight to the inboxes of millions. With our Email Advertising Campaign, you can reach 15 to 40 million subscribers over three months, with a guaranteed 95% inbox rate.

The Email Advertising Campaign Advantage

Our Email Advertising Campaign is designed to elevate your message and achieve outstanding results:

  • Massive Reach: We execute Email Blasting to a broad audience of 15 to 40 million subscribers, ensuring your message connects with a wide demographic.
  • Authentic Engagement: We prioritize quality over quantity, delivering real, genuine unique visitors with distinct IP addresses, guaranteeing authentic audience engagement.
  • Targeted Reach: Focused on the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe, your message reaches the geographic regions most relevant to your campaign.
  • Detailed Reporting: Our comprehensive campaign report provides insights into performance metrics and audience engagement, empowering you to refine your strategy.
  • Engaged Audience: Our meticulous list management ensures your message reaches a receptive and engaged audience, eliminating the risk of spam and wasted outreach.
  • Business to Business Campaigns: For those seeking business partnerships and growth, our B2B campaign option facilitates meaningful connections within the corporate landscape.


Email Advertising is a powerful marketing tool when executed effectively. Here are some key insights:

  • Personalization Matters: Personalizing your emails increases engagement. Address recipients by name and tailor your message to their interests.
  • Mobile Optimization: With the rise of mobile device usage, ensure your emails are mobile-friendly to reach your audience wherever they are.
  • Clear Call-to-Action: Your email should have a clear and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that guides the recipient on what to do next.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with different email elements, such as subject lines, visuals, and CTA buttons, to refine your campaign for maximum impact.

Social Media Ads

n today’s digital age, social media has transformed the way we connect, share, and discover new things. With over 2.85 billion active users on Facebook alone, the potential to reach a vast audience is immense. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about leveraging the collective power of various social media platforms to bring your book to the world. At [Your Company Name], we specialize in harnessing these platforms to effectively promote your book and engage with a global audience.

The Social Media Advertising Advantage:

Our Social Media Ads package is designed to maximize your reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Ad Campaigns on Major Social Media Platforms: Your book will be showcased through strategic ad campaigns on top social media sites. We create compelling ads that resonate with your target audience, ensuring your book gets the attention it deserves.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To boost your online visibility even further, we integrate Google Ads, driving 50 targeted clicks to your book and ensuring it stands out.


Navigating the dynamic world of social media advertising can unlock numerous opportunities. Here are some key insights to help you succeed:

  • Audience Targeting: Utilize precise targeting options to reach users based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring your ads are seen by the right people.
  • Engaging Visuals: Captivating images and videos are crucial for grabbing attention and encouraging action. We create visually appealing content that stands out.
  • Consistent Posting: Regularly sharing relevant content and interacting with your audience helps build a loyal following, enhancing the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Analytics and Optimization: Continuously monitoring ad performance and making data-driven adjustments is essential for achieving the best results. We use analytics to refine your campaigns for maximum impact.