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Hybrid publishing is a model that combines elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing. In hybrid publishing, authors typically share the cost of publishing with the publisher, but they also have more control over the publishing process compared to traditional publishing. This can include aspects such as editing, design, and distribution. Hybrid publishing can offer authors a middle ground between the traditional publishing route, which can be difficult to break into, and self-publishing, which requires authors to handle most aspects of publishing themselves.

Inktrail is a full-service hybrid publisher that combines the advantages of traditional publishing with the creative control and rights ownership of self-publishing. Our model provides quality and retail distribution comparable to major publishers, while empowering authors to retain their rights, exercise creative control, and generate higher profits from book sales.

Costs vary depending on the needs of each book and the author’s goals. Once a book is accepted through our review process, we will create a custom plan for your book, with recommended services and associated costs.

Yes. All Inktrail Press authors retain complete ownership of their books. We are one of the few publishers that allows authors to keep their full intellectual property rights. This means that authors stay in control of their brands, and since they own the work, they can sell publication rights, foreign rights, and even film rights.

Inktrail Press can produce and bring a book to market faster than traditional publishers, often completing the process in as few as 2 to 3 months.

Inktrail Press collaborates with authors at every stage of their publishing journey. Whether you possess a compelling book idea, require assistance refining a manuscript, or seek support in distributing a self-published book to mainstream publishers and bookstores, we're here to assist you in progressing forward. You may consider reaching out to Inktrail Press if:

  1. You have a book proposal or concept with significant potential for a wide audience.
  2. Your manuscript is finalized and awaits professional editorial feedback and publication.
  3. Your book is in production or recently published and requires distribution.
  4. or you just simply need help with marketing, we got you covered! 

Absolutely. We develop a customized plan for each of our authors and can seamlessly integrate with your existing team. Whether you have your own marketing team, an external editor, or a cover designer, we are open to collaborating with them to achieve the best possible results.

Each book project is unique, and all our services are tailored accordingly. After your project has undergone review by our submissions committee, we will contact you to collaborate on crafting a personalized publishing package that aligns with your specific requirements.

When content is submitted to Inktrail Press, our team internally reviews each submission to evaluate its publishing potential. We assess factors such as brand fit, quality, sales potential, and other relevant criteria. We do not disclose submissions to third-party companies or corporations, nor do we sell content. If desired, a standard nondisclosure agreement can be provided upon request to our team before or after submission.

Certainly! Upon completion of your eBook and/or print interior, you will have the opportunity to review it and make note of any necessary changes.

Authors set the price, description, keywords, genre, and other metadata for their books before publishing. We will guide you through this step-by-step process.

At Inktrail Press, you will receive 100% of the net proceeds as royalties for each book sold. We do not take any percentage from your book sales.

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